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Wade Wilson is set to break the fourth wall earlier than expected this year, as the release of Deadpool 2 has been pushed up by two weeks so that it will debut on May 18 instead of June 1, Fox confirms to SYFY WIRE.

This means it will open one week before Solo: A Star Wars Story, which Deadpool co-creator Rob Liefeld said would be pummeled by main star Ryan Reynolds, director David Leitch, and the introductions of Domino (Zazie Beetz) and Cable (Josh Brolin).


Now, Wade’s got seven days to dominate the box office — or at least get a good hold — before the galaxy’s most charismatic smuggler arrives on the scene. Deadpool 2 opens alongside the horror movie Slender Man, but it should have no problem asserting its dominance, given the popularity and financial success of the first installment.





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That’s not the only scheduling change in Fox’s X-Men universe, as Josh Boone’s New Mutants has been pushed back by 10 months, from April 13, 2018, to Feb. 22, 2019, per Fox. According to The Hollywood Reporter, which first reported on the release-date changes, one of the justifications for the move was so New Mutants and Deadpool wouldn’t overlap in foreign markets.

The most surprising of all the news is that the studio’s Gambit movie is still on course for a 2019 release despite losing another director today; Gore Verbinski is the third filmmaker to leave the project, after Rupert Wyatt and Doug Liman. Nevertheless, the theatrical release for the Channing Tatum vehicle was pushed from Feb. 14, 2019, to June 7, 2019. Per THR, with the film’s comedic tone and heist-related plot, insiders say it may perform better as a summer blockbuster.

As the Ryan Reynolds-helmed comic book film heads into the final stages of editing, Deadpool‘s best friend Weasel will apparently be sticking around. That’s according to a new interview with producer Lauren Shuler Donner, who spoke with Rotten Tomatoes about the upcoming sequel and whether it would be possible to replace Miller at this point.

“We’re in the final editing,” said Shuler Donner. “I don’t think so.”

On social media, fans have already begun suggesting the idea of Miller’s being replaced in the highly anticipated film, similar to what had been accomplished with actor Christopher Plummer replacing Kevin Spacey on Ridley Scott’s All the Money in the World, after several allegations surfaced against Spacey for sexual misconduct. Scott reshot Spacey’s role just six weeks before the film’s release date.

Miller has been accused of sexual abuse by an anonymous woman, though he has gone on record to deny the accusations. There are also accusations pending against Miller in a separate case that involves his harassment of a transgender female film critic and former personal acquaintance.

As for Miller’s potential future in the franchise as a whole, Shuler Donner noted the decision will ultimately be left up to Disney in the wake of their closing deal with 20th Century Fox: “That’s a whole studio thing. … I don’t know.”

Deadpool 2 is currently slated for a June 1 release.

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