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Pulp Fiction looks as mesmeric and mad as ever: callous, insolent, breathtaking. The icy wit, the connoisseur soundtrack, the violence (of which the N-bombs are a part), the extended dialogue riffing, the trance-like unreality, the inspired karmic balance of the heroin scene and the adrenalin scene, the narrative switchbacks that allow John Travolta to finish the film both alive and dead, the spectacle of him being made to dance badly,

but also sort of brilliantly … above all else, the sheer directionless excitement that only Tarantino can conjure. In 1994 it broke over my head like a thunderclap, and in 1990s Britain this touchstone of cool seemed to extend its dangerous influence everywhere: movies, fiction, journalism, media, fashion, restaurants, you name it.

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Everyone was trying to do irony and incorrectness, but without his brilliance it just looked smug. (The Americans get Tarantino; we get Guy Ritchie and Jeremy Clarkson.)

Travolta and Samuel L Jackson play Vincent and Jules, a couple of bantering hitmen working for Marsellus (Ving Rhames), who is highly protective of his wife, Mia (Uma Thurman), and about to conclude a payday from a fixed boxing match; Marsellus’s fighter, Butch (Bruce Willis), is haunted by a childhood encounter with his late father’s best friend (a jaw-dropping cameo from Christopher Walken). Everyone’s destiny plays out with that of a couple of freaky stick-up artists, played by Amanda Plummer and Tim Roth.

In 1994, all the talk was of former video-store clerk Tarantino’s indifference to traditional culture. That patronised his sophisticated cinephilia, and in fact, 20 years on, the writerly influences of Edward Bunker, Elmore Leonard and Jim Thompson seem very prominent. Don DeLillo began the 90s by warning that the US is the only country in the world with funny violence. Maybe Pulp Fiction was the kind of thing he had in mind. Unmissable.

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In a decade of films increasingly dominated by formula Hollywood offerings, “Pulp Fiction” appeared refreshingly different. Since its 1994 release, it has inspired many imitators but even today, it’s still strikingly bold and remains to be eclipsed, even by its creator Quentin Tarantino.

As with any landmark movie, more has been written about it than would surely seem healthy. The type of wild and hysterical ranting that has surrounded this picture can be a little off-putting. But it’s hard to over sell a movie that is so supremely confident in writing and direction. Despite an almost audience-annihilating run time of nearly two and a half-hours, it is consistently absorbing.

Director and co-writer Quentin Tarantino is courteous enough to credit the viewer with some intelligence. As in his previous “Reservoir Dog’s”, he and writer Roger Avary create a web of events and characters that ultimately all play parts of a larger story. This time the tale is far more sprawling and complex, but it also rewards and satisfies.

Events kick off in a café with Tim Roth and Amanda Plummer holding up the staff and customers. They’re hardly as scary though as hitmen John Travolta and the bible-quoting Samuel L Jackson whom appear in the next scene. They form the thread of the movie that allows for a delicious selection of related stories to unravel, with Christopher Walken and a measured Bruce Willis putting in fine performances.

The entire cast exudes the confidence of the script and sell their often brutally witty dialogue well. The superb packaging of cool music and luscious cinematography completes the deal. And the ribbon that ties it all together is a delightfully clever conclusion.

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