Irfan Khan shares his new Photo on Twitter

After a long time Irfan Khan had posted something on twitter which shows symbol
of well being or recovery from his side .

source : hindutan times

He had updated hos profile  picture with team of movie blackmail enjoying a england -pakistan cricket match
at lords stadium England.

He had also posted on twitter that

“I was left with this immense effect of the enormous power and intelligence of the cosmos. The peculiarity of MY hospital’s location – it HIT me. The only thing certain was the uncertainty. All I could do was to realise my strength and play my game better. This realisation made me submit, surrender and trust, irrespective of the outcome, irrespective of where this takes me, eight months from now, or four months from now, or two years. The concerns took a back seat and started to fade and kind of went out of my mindspace. For the first time, I felt what ‘freedom’ truly means. It felt like an accomplishment. As if I was tasting life for the first time, the magical side of it. My confidence in the intelligence of the cosmos became absolute. I feel as if it has entered every cell of mine,” he further told the tabloid”

Irfhan khan had also added that

“Between the game of life and the game of death, there is just a road,” he said, adding, “On one side, a hospital, on the other, a stadium. As if one isn’t part of anything which might claim certainty — neither the hospital nor the stadium. That hit me hard.”


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