Dhoni’s wife Sakshi applied for Gun licienced,threat to her life

Dhoni’s wife Sakshi applies for gun licence in magistrate court at Ranchi as per reports from zee media.

Sakshi Dhoni's wife applied gun for licienced | hdhindi.com
Sakshi Dhoni’s wife applied gun for licensed hdhindi.com

According to Sakshi her life is under threat hence she want gun for safety reasons and sort of insecurity while travelling around city for her daily routine.

The task of providing lincence is under procedure.

This shows how unsafe girls are felling in our country and women security becomes an matter of great concern in India and also it affecting now lives of celebrity too.

There is no officially informed by Sakshi or his family regarding why they want a weapon (gun) but these are glimpse of report that comes from sources . MS Dhoni had appoved for 9mm which he had applied for a gun in 2006 and after being initially turned down his request for a 9 mm.

The Ranchi district administration had in 2008 sought a character certificate from Dhoni before sending his application to the union Home Ministry.


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